Rocketboom covers Jon Rawlinson covers Nata, Botswana

June 8, 2006

Nata Rocketboom

I love when one person makes a good bit of difference.

Rocketboom dedicated their cast today to one very original effort.

Jon Rawlinson, world traveler, has set up a blog/videoblog for a small village in Botswana. Nata, home to approximately 5000 people, is located on the edge of the Makgadikgadi Pans. Rawlinson’s original plan was to simply stay in Nata for a night as a stopping point on his way north to a wildlife safari. A local Peace Corps Volunteer (Melody Jenkins, an HIV educator) offered to show him a bit of the ‘real’ Africa.
At some point, it occured to John that he could set up a blog to raise awareness and money for this little village, with very little overhead. What is special about raising awareness and support in this way is that the blog can help feed this village directly, when larger relief organizations funds often go to larger villages in the region. Equally as cool is that the community can itself decide where the money goes, which is often directly to the HIV clinic.

It is very cool to see this kind of thing happening, especially when a well-watched a team such as Rocketboom pick it up.

Which brings me to why it is exactly that I like (dare I say love and obsess about) Rocketboom. They gracefully and gleefully oscillate between entertainment and social (and political) commentary.

Here they are actually having a direct and measurable impact on human lives. As reported on the Nata Village Blog, they received over $1000 in donations today alone “thanks to Rocketboom”.

Here’s to momentum. Here’s to conversation. Here’s to actually doing something.

Check out the Nata Village Blog {here}.

Check out Rockeboom (obviously) {here}


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  1. JON Says:

    WOW. Thanks so much for the nice writeup! We really appreciate your support! Thanks so much and keep in touch.


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