Amanda Congdon leaves Rocketboom •

July 6, 2006

Amanda Congdon Unboomed

It’s a little shocking. And…It’s complicated (apparantly). It seems that (famed Vblog) Rocketboom ‘anchor’ Amanda Congdon has abruptly left the Boom-team for reasons that are still being sorted out. Both Andrew Baron and Amanda Congdon have released information to viewers indicating their respective stories – both facinating (links below).

The implications of this shift could be dramatic, and no doubt you will hear more than you could ever want to hear about the drama as it continues to unfold over the next several days & weeks. The internets very own soap opera.

However, instead of focusing on the gossip & speculation of ‘the break-up’, I thought it much more interesting to step back and appreciate the immense novelty this really is.

Most of us have watched online (your favorite blog or bulletin board) or offline (think Maury Povitch et al) dramas unfold, but seldom do we see something like this; Very unique & intelligent e-celebrities, who have been catapulted into the spotlight (by, well, us) and finding immense success, and then having this kind of quarell out in the open. What I find so remarkable is that this spat is very much of the tone and tempo that Rocketboom climbed to the top with, human-ness.

Rocketboom found success by finding strength in its own human and ‘real’ voice. We all fell in love with the very authentic, often un-edited ‘dorky/awkward’ moments, and jangley cadence that have become synonimus with RB. While the ‘show’ generally showcased the lighter notes of this natural style of entertainment, it is only logical that the disintigration of the relationship central to ‘the Boom’s’ success be just as heart wrenchingly real.

It’s not hard to detect the emotion & uncertainty in Amandas voice (and her own quirky discomfort with exhibiting it for all to see – despite her best efforts to remain her usual sortof-composed self) as she addresses viewers from her personal vblog ‘unboomed’. No doubt Andrew is having a moment of his own (though currently less ‘transparant’ than Amanda). It will be absolutely fascinating to track their tradjectory and growth over the coming weeks, as more floats to the surface.

We are in new cultural territory here, and it will be intereting to see how things unfold. Hopefully out here in the open.

Naturally, our hearts go out to Amanda & Andrew, though, we can be pretty sure we wont be without them for much longer. Go the boom!


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