Visualizing Relationships: TuneGlue

October 9, 2006


TuneGlue is one of many interesting mechanisms for visualizing relationships. Type the name of your favorite band or artist, and it will generate similar artists, list albums etc.. all in a sleek and smooth interface.  While it is absolutely beautiful, I think these interfaces still have a long way to come. This one is definitely worth a visit (or even a bookmark). Another worthy bookmark, the music genome project Pandora could learn a thing or two from these guys – and maybe vice-versa. Come to think of it, a synthesis between the two would be a spectacular way to experience music. I would personally love to use a clever and well conceived system that would allow for both playback, commentary, and of course explanations of relationships.
Anyone want to collaborate?


One Response to “Visualizing Relationships: TuneGlue”

  1. Hey Jack, thank you very much for writing about Tunglue..:-) if you can find a api that allows you to search/load mp3 files based on artists names we’d be more than happy to hook tuneglue up to it.:-)

    We’ve also further developed a 6 degress of separation game based on tuneglue to see if two users can connect two randow artists in the least steps… but more of that on a later release.:-)

    many thanks again.

    Ant // Creative Managing Director.

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