Two “If the BSA wasn’t so jacked up” merit badges..

November 9, 2006

Critical Thinking Merit BadgeHack Your iPod Merit Badge

So I couldn’t help myself. After listening to the Boingboing podcast discussion of the Los Angeles BSA councils ‘respecting copyright’ propaganda, I opened up Photoshop and tinkered for a while.. Lots of room for improvement..

I give you my first two ‘perfect world’ merit badges.. The “Critical Thinking Badge” (this might need a little re-working), and of course, the “iPod hacking Badge”- to be earned during the same summer camp. Might add (later) a plan for the first “WikiPatrol”.

There are clearly complexities regarding the copyright issue, but as others have already said, ‘at least teach them to think for themselves’ with more than slanted information from corporate sources.

As a former Eagle Scout, I find myself wondering about the current BSA’s cultural relevance – which is sad, because there are many rewarding lessons that could be gained from participation in the organization – if only it stuck to it’s roots a little bit more. I certainly had my differences with the BSA when I went through it all (they almost didn’t let me get my Eagle because I had a ponytail). Unfortunately the BSA seems to be slowly slipping (further) as an organization that was once ‘morally straight’ and genuinely educational, to ‘morally outdated’ and more and more out of touch..


One Response to “Two “If the BSA wasn’t so jacked up” merit badges..”

  1. toni Says:

    you should send this to the BSA!

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