Jack Lambert is Back

July 4, 2008

Yeah.. After a (not-so) brief hiatus – we’re back with more cool stuff (we know it’s been a long time – we’ll make it up to you).


Time Fountain

August 10, 2006

Time Fountain

This is one of the coolest garage art projects I have ever seen.
See the {video} or go {here} for more..

Space Ivadors

How could I leave this out?

Space Invaders: Add one mob of willing participants, 1 lecture hall, a knack for stop-motion, good chunk of free time, and a undiluted dose of dorky enthusiastic nostalgia, and viola!

Carpet Invaders

July 18, 2006

Persian Space Invaders Rug

Polish artist Janek Simon has designed, appropriated and/or programmed Space Invaders (remember?) to be projected to the floor as a playable Persian rug. Now that I see it, the juxtaposition seems natural. I am without words. I just want one.

{link to gallery 2020}

David Byrne - Arboretum

I’ll freely admit, I am a long-time David Byrne admirer (admirer might be putting it too mildly). His latest art-book, “Arboretum” (due to be published in late July by McSweeneys) is a playful critique(?) of this particular way of classifying or displaying largely abstract or plastic relationships & information. I’m in love and I haven’t even read it. What?..

{more pictures}


America the Complex

June 8, 2006

Las Vegas

Las Vegas, 2006. The holy grail of capitalism.  And for we few who go there to observe behavior.  People-watching is infinitely entertaining here.

Click {here} for more Sin City shots.


This was a birthday card and present to my buddy Aaron tonight. I scanned it because my best work is always done 10 minutes before I leave for an event (like a birthday), especially when the event unofficially requires some form of gift. It is even better when the pressure is off because it's a good friend who will laugh if it's bad, and be phyched if it's good. He was phyched.. Espcially since the gift was an old red digital clock with faux wood, and a rubix cube.